The approach Gary practices and teaches is inspired and informed by the teachings of the legendary yogi Śrī T Krishmacharya and his son TKV Desikachar as taught to his teacher Paul Harvey.

TKV Desikachar made it clear to his students that he did not want to ‘brand’ this method of yoga. However, the term ‘viniyoga’ has become associated with TKV Desikachar’s approach.  The term ‘viniyoga’ means application - to apply.

Viniyoga is not a style or brand of Yoga, but rather an approach to utilise the various tools of yoga according to an individual’s health, age, lifestyle, needs, interests, cultural and religious beliefs.

People come to yoga for various reasons, and from different starting points.  For example, a person with severe back pain may come to yoga to develop a practice for relief and recovery, a pregnant woman may come to yoga to prepare for birth, whilst an old person might use yoga practice to refresh and energise.  Yoga accommodates everyone and the the right tools have to be chosen and applied based on the goal of each individual.
Owing to the differences in body structure, all the tools of yoga are not meant for everyone.  For in reality some are stout, some lean, some crooked and some others lame.

Yoga Rahasya of N
āthamuni .31